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We are heading towards a future of retail where all the touchpoints in the value chain are inter-connected and the line between physical and digital commerce disappears to make way for a new retail experience. The focus is gradually shifting from a standard and one-dimensional approach to a multipronged strategy that prioritizes accessibility, easy interface, and predictability of product availability, irrespective of the channel. To achieve this integrated experience, adopt a channel agnostic approach, and to unlock a gamut of new retail possibilities, technological innovation is the key. 

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Create smart solutions to enhance customer and seller experience in retail through effective operations, market intelligence, and emerging tech. In order to empower associates (employees) to make informed decisions, Walmart provides them with a mobile store device equipped with custom-built apps. It provides real-time information such as arriving shipments, out-of-stock items, and product locations.

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Walmart’s Retail Graph captures the knowledge about a product and its related entities to help customers discover better products in our catalog.

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The next-gen cloud native futuristic eCommerce platform, built on modern technologies to support Walmart scale of business.

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