A powerful movement, enabled by WhatsApp, that champions for women’s visibility and voices by providing them tools to breakthrough whatever stands in their way of success and growth.


For centuries, women have been carving out spaces for themselves to find a voice, and representation—  be it as small business owners, as entrepreneurs, or simply as women.
WhatsApp is celebrating the spirit of these path breaking women, and their drive to be seen, to be heard, and to be connected with each other with a series of inspiring stories, chronicling their trailblazing journeys.  


Inspiring change through action 

Enabled by WhatsApp, realized by passion —  extraordinary women share their incredible journeys
How WhatsApp helped Sruti scale her wellness startup

Bengaluru-based Aksobha, that offers wellness solutions through eco-friendly products and services like yoga and Tai Chi, has been leveraging WhatsApp Business to cater to a wide range of audiences.

Three decades on, Nina is growing her handbag business by leveraging WhatsApp

Baggit co-founder Nina Lekhi has created a legacy that spans over 30 years. Starting the business with just Rs 7,000, her journey is nothing short of incredible.

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With WhatsApp, Asma is effortlessly managing her company, personal finances, and home. Here's how

A full-time executive and mom, managing finances was a challenge for Asma. With WhatsApp's payment feature, she has discovered a new sense of financial independence and power

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Here’s how Sital turned her culinary skills into a viable business opportunity with WhatsApp

Bengaluru-based Sital began her vegetarian homestyle food business four years ago. Today she manages over 60 consistent orders every day, over two WhatsApp groups

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Meet Rama NS, one of the first women engineers from Karnataka who put Electronic City on the global map

One of Karnataka’s first women engineers, Rama NS dons multiple hats – that of a mentor, women’s rights supporter, and teacher. Know how she is leveraging WhatsApp to continue shaping young minds

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How Chetna Gala Sinha’s Mann Deshi cooperative bank successfully leverages WhatsApp to help women-run businesses

Chetna Gala Sinha’s Mann DeshiMahilaSahakari Bank in Mhaswad village in Maharashtra’s Satara district has been empowering women since 1997. Here's how the women have leveraged banking facilities to continue to create an impact even in the pandemic

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How Saloni Srivastava found her hustle and is now helping others start an online business

Saloni started HustleAcademy during the COVID-19 lockdown to help people explore new ideas in setting up online businesses. By leveraging WhatsApp, Saloni is able to reach out to over 500 people daily, and inspire many more to find their passion

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Sisters Priya Namdev and Ashi Sirbhaiya are leveraging WhatsApp to help artisans get their due

The duo started Kala Saga, a platform to sell and promote traditional handcrafted products in 2018, all sourced directly from artisans. They are leveraging WhatsApp to scale their venture and ensure that artisans get the right value for their work.

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How a WhatsApp message laid the foundation for Ruchira Gupta’s 1MillionMeals campaign

Ruchira runs 1MillionMeals, the world’s largest food drive for sex  trafficked victims  using WhatsApp.

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How Prianka used WhatsApp to source sarees from weavers during the lockdown

Prianka runs Chitran, a home-based venture that curates sarees from weavers across India. She has been using WhatsApp to communicate with weavers across states and source her eclectic catalogue of sarees to grow her business.

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From journalism to entrepreneurship, how Shreyasi Singh is setting new standards with Harappa Education

Shreyasi Singh, the co-founder of Harappa Education, an online learning institute. She uses WhatsApp groups to collaborate and for knowledge sharing.

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From Leh to London – how Padma and Jigmet are are keeping alive the art and influences of the Silk Route

Through their venture, Namza Couture, entrepreneurs Padma Yangchen and Jigmet Diskit are reviving Ladakhi identity through traditional costumes and cuisines. They use WhatsApp to sell and share recipes across the world.

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How Nandita Devraj is using WhatsApp to deliver farm fresh milk to homes in Jaipur

Nandita's dairy farm Milk & Meadows supplies affordable fresh milk in Jaipur. Using WhatsApp, she seamlessly communicates with customers and vendors to facilitate delivery.

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Deepa Aathreya's 'School of Success’ was born out of a place of struggles

At 24, Deepa Aathreya was bankrupt, but fighting against all odds, founded the ‘School of Success’ for the all-round development of parents, students and teachers. She uses WhatsApp to showcase her business and connect with all stakeholders.

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Home Chef Abhilasha's dishes are recipes passed down from generations

Abhilasha’s home-based venture Marwadi Khana prepares traditional Rajasthani cuisines. She uses WhatsApp to share recipes and conduct live cooking sessions.

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Trishla and Divya are nurturing the act of giving and receiving with ShareALittle

ShareALittle is an easy-to-use crowdfunding platform founded by Trishla and Divya helps NGOs start fundraisers. Using WhatsApp, they communicate with their community about fundraisers and beneficiary updates.

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Radhika's restricted mobility hasn’t stopped her from running a successful business

Seven surgeries and a bone disease diagnosis later, Radhika AJ discovered her passion for making African paper dolls and turning it into a business. She uses WhatsApp to showcase her catalogue of 300 dolls and take orders from customers.

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Gunjan runs her home decor brand Shabari as a one-woman army

Gunjan designs multi-purpose home decor and sells them through her venture Shabari. WhatsApp has been the lifeline of her business, from customer communication to marketing to selling.

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Megha's venture Keep Good Shape entirely runs on WhatsApp Business

Keep Good Shape (KGS) is staying true to its name by delivering scrumptious healthy salads in Pune. Founder Megha Bafna leverages WhatsApp business to interact with customers and source orders.

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Barkha has put her heart and soul into newborn and maternity photography

Memories by Barkha, founded by Barkha Agarwal, offers intimate photography services to families of newborns. An award-winning photographer, she uses WhatsApp to communicate with clients to capture the right emotions.

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Inspiring change through dialogue

Insightful conversations with dynamic women leaders fuelling ideas for change, powered by WhatsApp
Building the women around you’: Women leaders weigh in

In an insightful panel discussion with YourStory, Neha Bagaria, founder and CEO, JobsForHer; Shweta Rajpal Kohli of Sequoia Capital, and Deepthi Ravula, CEO of We Hub discuss the need for women to champion each other, the shifting paradigm of workplaces, and the role of tech in enabling women entrepreneurs.

Leveraging technology to bridge the gender gap: What women leaders believe

Can technology help bridge the gender gap? Catch Chetna Gala Sinha from Mann Deshi Foundation; Anuranjita Kumar from WiT and Dr Rashmi Singh from Government of Delhi talk about the ways in which technology and platforms such as WhatsApp are enabling women to gain financial independence, and a chance to explore new opportunities of growth through wider market access.

Managing unconscious biases in workspaces: What women leaders think

Catch three women leaders — ThoughtWorks' Tina Vinod, PayPal India's Jayanthi Vaidyanathan, and NetApp Excellerator's Madhurima Agarwal — talk about how unconscious biases can make workspaces unconducive for the professional development of women in an insightful roundtable discussion powered by YourStory and WhatsApp.

Decoding the startup funding conundrum: what women leaders think

In this interesting roundtable powered by WhatsApp, three women leaders from the Indian startup ecosystem — Blume Ventures’ Radhika Agarwal, Stellaris Venture Partners’ Aditi Gupta & She Capital’s Anisha Singh — share their insights about why the funding scenario is skewed against women entrepreneurs and what could be done to bridge this gap

Meet the guest speakers
Shweta Rajpal Kohli
Sequoia India & South East Asia
Neha Bagaria
Tina Vinod
Thoughtworks D&I initiatives
Deepthi R.
Dr. Rashmi Singh
Director, Women & Child Development, Government of NCT of Delhi
Chetna Sinha
Founder-Chairperson, Mann Deshi Mahila Bank & Mann Deshi Foundation
Anuranjita Kumar
Founder and CEO of the Women in Technology (WiT) forum
Jayanthi Vaidyanathan
Senior Director, Human Resources, PayPal
Madhurima Agarwal
Director- Engineering Programs and Leader - NetApp Excellerator
Aditi Gupta
Vice President - Stellaris Venture Partners
Anisha Singh
Founding Partner, She Capital
Radhika Agarwal
Early Stage VC at Blume Ventures
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