2021 could well be the year of the unicorn. The Indian startup ecosystem already has 23 new unicorns, surpassing the projected numbers this year, with a strong possibility for many more.

Created to spotlight and empower India’s emerging soonicorns, ScaleUp India is brought to you by YourStory in association with PayU, one of India's leading fintech companies. Focusing on helping this next cohort of fast-growing disruptive Indian startups, the ScaleUp India campaign will:

Identify and spotlight high-growth startups India

Showcase the growth journey of these scale-ups

Produce actionable, focused-learning modules that address real-worldchallenges of these fast-growing startups

Deliver in-depth insights and case studies on scaling from a soonicorn tounicorn

Focus on agenda-setting recommendations for real-world impact

The Soonicorn Spotlight

Honest, candid and to-the-point, this specially curated video series focuses on entrepreneurship and growth-pangs of a tech scale-up. Learn from leaders of the startup community on what goes behind taking a company to $1 billion and how to solve some of the biggest growth challenges.

Episode 8: A start-up's journey to scaling up
Episode 7: The acquisition playbook for growth and scale
Episode 6: Effective marketing strategies for building your startup brand
Episode 5: The nuances of fundraising for aspiring unicorns
Episode 4: 'The tech playbook for scale-ups’
Episode 3: Cracking the Product-Market Fit Holy Grail
Episode 2: Metrics that matter in the product journey
Episode 1: Consumer Engagement in an Over-Marketed World
The Roundtables

Led by Shradha Sharma, Founder & CEO of YourStory, the five roundtables will bring you deep-dive conversations with founders from India’s soonicorns. The roundtables will table perspectives of leaders of the soonicorn community as they deep-dive into the landscape, discuss opportunities and challenges, talk about scaling beyond audiences and geographies, and how to solve some of the biggest scale challenges.

The future of entertainment in the experience economy - Part I
The D2C playbook: winning the consumer market battle
The future of entertainment in the experience economy - Part II
Paying attention to India’s startups

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