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The Asia Pacific region alone sees $17 trillion worth of payment flows, which are yet to be digitised. This represents an unprecedented opportunity in the region for innovation and financial inclusion in the payments landscape.  Today, about half the adult world lives in the informal economy, dealing exclusively in cash. To be one of these estimated two billion people is to face financial barriers that make life risky, expensive and inefficient. 

Vith the view to help emerging fintech startups solving for financial inclusion and the multi-trillion dollar opportunity YourStory together with VISA is putting together this platform with specially curated webinars, leadership talks and ecosystem intelligence featuring leading minds in the fintech landscape to help fintech CXOs power their own incredible journeys.

Visa Fintech Initiative: India

A specially curated CXO webinar series, featuring the finest minds from the Indian and global fintech ecosystem on a virtual campfire chat format. Get a seat in the table as we bring together the finest from India’s fintech c-suite to decode the future of fintech and solve for the multi-trillion dollar opportunity

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Webinar 1:
Solving for the multi-trillion dollar credit opportunity in India
Webinar 2: Aug 20
Visa Fintech Initiative: India Solving for the multi-trillion dollar credit opportunity
Webinar 2: Aug 20
Visa Accelerator Program - Unlock Global Scale For Your Startup
Webinar 4:
Tokenisation: securing the future of payments
Webinar 5:
Fintech and the law: negotiating regulatory and compliance in the fintech ecosystem
Webinar 6:
Skilling and upskilling future-ready fintech workforce
Webinar 7:
Understanding the dynamics of bank-FinTech partnerships
Webinar 8:
The future of neobanking
Leadership Interviews

Hear first hand from some of the finest minds in the ecosystem as. they decode the future of the fintech landscape with rich perspectives and analysis.

Daily Dispatch on Fintech

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